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Bookreview: 10 Days to Faster Reading

reading, time management, self improvement | December 07, 2013

Book cover

Especially as an IT person, it's important to constantly acquire new skills. The only way to accomplish this is by reading a lot. Besides of reading technical documentation, every now and then I buy a book that doesn't necessarily has to be about IT.

Last month at they had a promo running. Buy 2, get 1 for free. In the reasonably limited list of free books I spotted 10 days to faster reading by @speedreadr. Because I never really had reading training in the past, I decided to give this one a go.

Like many people, I too have a big pileup of reading material. I wish I had the time to sit down and make my way to the bottom of it. I'm sure that some day I will. But the pile keeps growing.

"It takes time to save time." -- time management

Time is the number one problem that keeps me from doing it. Being able to read more in less time, all while having a higher comprehension level, is as skill I learned by reading "10 days to faster reading". Thanks Abby!

The book is only 200 pages, that makes 20 pages a day. It's a very easy read and because it draws analogies between speed reading and car racing, it's very fun too. For example, during the daily time trails you can experiment with some of the information you have learned about and track your improvements on the personal progress chart. Also the book is specifically targeting non-fictional reading.

"The road to knowledge begins with the turn of a page." -- fortune cookie

While reading the book, I realized that I am already applying some techniques. By learning some more, I now understand why these techniques work. And by having some dedicated training for each technique, I managed to more than double my reading speed. How nice is that!