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Benchmarking Magento 2 with PHP 7.0.0 RC1

magento2, php7 | August 30, 2015

A while ago, I posted some early benchmarks of Symfony2 on PHP7. Today I ran some benchmarks of Magento 2 merchant beta with PHP 7.0.0 RC1. I had to patch Magento 2 myself, mainly because it uses it's own Null, String, Bool classes which are reserved keywords in PHP 7. But, the results are amazing.

So, the homepage got 133% faster. The category page got 146% faster. The product detail got 169% faster. This is even better than the initial benchmarks I ran.

To confirm this speedup, I tested some other frameworks. A Symfony 2.3.16 installation got 117% faster, a Wordpress 4.2.4 installation got 108% faster and a Bolt CMS installation (Silex based) got 152% faster.

I used a Debian 8 machine for this tests. I'm running PHP-FPM 5.6.12 next to PHP 7.0.0RC1 so it's easy to switch between versions. The script I used to compile PHP 7 is in this Gist. As always, run your own benchmarks to make conclusions.

Really an amazing job from the PHP developers. Very, very cool. Can't wait to run PHP 7 in production! :-)